Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport, the former Williams Air Force Base, has positioned itself as a regional hub for passenger activity and businesses, with more than 1.3M total passenger counts in FY2017 and 40+ companies located on the property. An economic generator, contributing $1.3 billion annually to the region and state, Gateway has experienced record-breaking passenger levels month-over-month. Gateway offers flights to 50+ cities in the US and Canada through 5 airline carriers. It has been announced, two privately funded hangers with office space will be built to accommodate the growing number of businesses operating in the region.

ASU Polytechnic Campus

ASU’s Polytechnic Campus is uniquely positioned within a 600-acre site in the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport, providing access to industry partnerships, hands-on learning and problem-solving opportunities for 5,000+ students. One of four ASU campuses, the Polytechnic Campus is unrivaled in its innovative engineering programs and academic facilities. With an emphasis on engineering and technology, this campus offers 11 undergraduate degrees,10 graduate degrees, 245,000 SF of classroom and lab space, and on-site campus housing rounding out the school’s full-service offerings.


Jackie Orcutt, SIOR
Senior Vice President
+1 602 735 1978

Pete Wentis
Senior Vice President
+1 602 735 5636

Kevin Cosca
Senior Vice President
+1 602 735 5672

Jonathan Teeter
Senior Associate
+1 602 735 1929

Alex Wentis
Senior Associate
+1 602 735 5591

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